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The war for talent is raging across the Irish motor industry

There is fierce competition for talent in the Motor Industry at the moment and as we enter the year's busiest period, we have never before seen such a demand for experienced and talented automotive professionals. Given a dealership's narrow window of opportunity, in advance of such a busy period, what can you, as a hiring manager within the industry, do to ensure that you get proven candidates as quickly as possible?
5 ways to recruit quickly
Be clear
It's tempting to write a generic job spec. but in order to catch the attention of experienced candidates, you will have to be more specific, not only in terms of the key functions of the role but what you intend to offer in terms of a salary package. If you are looking for a candidate at a particular level of experience, be sure to include an appropriate salary scale.
Be prepared
To ensure your candidate hits the ground running, there are a couple of things you can do to ensure their successful introduction into the business:

  • Have a robust induction plan ready to go
  • For more senior roles, ensure you have a 'first 90 days' executive integration plan in place — this will ensure there is no confusion as to what the candidate's key objectives and milestones are nor will there be any misunderstanding in terms of your company culture — 'the way in which things are done around here'
    Be smart with your time
    While it's tempting to simply 'throw up' a job spec on a popular job site, there are a couple of things you need to be aware of:

    The vast majority of applicants will be unsuitable for the role. We are aware of some dealerships who have received in excess of 100 CVs for a Sales Executive position — by the time you sift through these applicants, the one you deem most suitable has been offered a job elsewhere and the time and money it has cost you to process applications has negated any cost benefit you originally anticipated by using a generic job site.
    Be aware of confidentiality
    To say the Irish Motor Industry is close-knit, is an understatement. There is a huge reticence on behalf of most senior employees to simply send their application through a national job site for a role they see advertised. The fear among most senior applicants is that their existing employer may discover that they are actively seeking a new role. If a dealership believes, that by simply casting a wide net through advertising their roles on a well known national job site, that they will somehow capture all available talent within the industry, they are seriously misled.

    The fear among most senior applicants is that their existing employer may discover that they are actively seeking a new role

    We are constantly approached by senior automotive professionals who wish to discuss the possibility of taking their next career step. Whether they are currently in roles in Ireland or looking to make the move back from abroad, the very first thing they say to us, as part of any conversation, is that confidentiality is absolutely crucial to them.

    Given the importance of confidentiality and sensitivity to senior automotive professionals, the overwhelming majority of these people do not simply send their CV through job sites for fear of their existing employers finding out.

    There is also the added awareness among these senior candidates, that in all likelihood, their CV will simply go into a black hole among 100's other CVs. This application process therefore represents an enormous risk for any senior candidate, both in terms of their career aspirations and their financial security.
    Be strategic
    It can be very tempting, given the time constraints, to want to simply 'put bums on seats.' We understand the pressures and panic that can set it, particular at this time of year when it's 'all hands on deck.'

    It's vital therefore, that you use a recruitment partner who can help ensure that your candidate can not only be recruited quickly but that they will seamlessly fit with the culture in your dealership, will meet the performance expectations that you demand and will contribute to the long-term success of the business.

    While this is all a bit of a balancing act, hiring the right person at the right cost at the right time, will have huge commercial benefits to your dealership in the medium to long term. A revolving-door policy doesn't suit any business.

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