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Join hundreds of professionals who have advanced their careers with Start Monday. Our expert Recruiters are dedicated to matching your skills and aspirations with ideal opportunities in the automotive, aviation, rail, and renewable energy sectors, ensuring you find a role that exceeds your expectations.
Your Career Advantages with Start Monday
  • Professional Representation
    Experience professional representation as we advocate on your behalf with potential employers. Our dedicated recruiters work to understand your career goals and showcase your skills in the best light, ensuring you stand out in the competitive job market.
  • Expert Negotiation
    Leverage our expertise in negotiation to secure the best possible terms for your new role. We negotiate salaries, benefits, and flexible working conditions tailored to your needs, aiming to provide you with a job offer that truly reflects your worth.
  • Career Advice
    Benefit from expert career advice and guidance to help you navigate your job search and professional growth. Our specialists are here to help you excel at every step of your career path.
  • Access to Exclusive Jobs
    Get access to exclusive job opportunities through our established connections in the automotive, aviation, rail, and renewable energy sectors. We open doors to positions that are often not advertised, giving you a competitive edge in your job search.
Simplifying Your Job Search Journey
From your first consultation to receiving a job offer, we support you at every step. Learn how we match you with your ideal employer
Register with us and share your CV and career goals. This first step helps us understand your professional needs
CV Optimisation
Receive expert advice to refine your CV, ensuring it stands out to potential employers.
Interview Preparation
Benefit from tailored interview coaching, equipping you with the insights and confidence needed to succeed.
Job Matching
We meticulously match your profile with ideal job opportunities, focusing on roles that advance your career.
We handle the placement details, negotiate terms and check in post-hire to ensure your job satisfaction.
Start your journey with us today for a streamlined path to your next great job opportunity
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