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Do you believe in fairytales?

We all need a bit of mystery in our lives but unfortunately, the overwhelming evidence can sometimes suggest that those things we desperately want to believe in simply don't exist.
For generations, people have searched in vain for the Loch Ness Monster, Big Foot and visitors from outer space, but while there have been many reported close encounters, the best evidence provided usually consists of a grainy photograph or a shaky video clip.

It is tantalising to think that our world is still big enough to hide such natural wonders, but the reality seems to suggest that they are simply figments of our imagination.

A bit closer to home, we as a country are steeped in folklore and legend; it is part of who we are as a people. It is also part of the reason Irish people have such a unique view of the world around them.

We might feel embarrassed about admitting that we still have a connection to these traditions but the truth is, even in our professional lives, we openly state to our colleagues and business associates that we still do believe in fairytales and miracles.

It still amazes me that for a profession of such skilled negotiators, who invariably play their cards so close to their chests, they can sometimes reveal that they still believe in these events. Everyday, we are asked to find people who will 'hit the ground running from day one'. I don't mean to burst anyone's bubble, but unfortunately, there is no such thing as 'hitting the ground running'.
I don't mean to burst anyone's bubble, but unfortunately, there is no such thing as 'hitting the ground running'.
It is important not to lose all hope however, sometimes miracles do happen, but not without a bit of inspiration from somewhere. If you want to fill your business with great people and you want real magic to happen in your workplace, it is vital that any new hire is given access to a professional induction and has a robust 3 to 6 month integration plan to ensure they are as successful as they can be in their new role. With these few changes, you really can make miracles happen.

Don't be a sceptic, be a believer and open yourself to the wondrous possibility of a happy, productive workforce. If you build relationships with the right recruitment provider who understands the industry and knows what it takes to create a fertile environment for employees to flourish, you can be guaranteed that your new hires will be given every opportunity to succeed in their new roles and that the fairytale of 'hitting the ground running' might not seem as far fetched as it does today.

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