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Hiring Technicians in a competitive market

It may not come as any surprise, but over the last 12 months, we have seen a dramatic increase in the demand for experienced Technicians throughout Ireland.

In a fluctuating new car market, dealerships are looking to their workshop like never before, in order to capitalise on potential revenue opportunities.

In order to do so, dealers realise that they need to have the appropriate technical skillsets in place in order to meet the increased demand from service and parts customers.

With this in mind, we have been working with several dealerships to help build a compelling employer branding offering to potential new Technician candidates. In such a competitive employment market, many dealerships have still not developed a career section on their website or given enough thought to the recruitment process in general. Too often, we see job adverts online which simply read 'Technician wanted, apply below.' The days of capturing the attention of interested Technicians with such a minimal effort on behalf of a dealer, are over.

With such a demand for Technicians in Ireland today, the absence of a robust offer, including details around salary, performance bonus, tool allowance, training and career development, means that dealers are struggling to capture the imagination of Technicians looking for a career move.

When it comes to Technician recruitment specifically, there are some key questions dealers need to ask themselves.
Key questions around hiring Technicians
Have we conducted salary benchmarking to determine if our offer is in line with current market levels?
Do we have a clearly defined and understood workshop productivity scheme in place?
Are we placing enough emphasis on technical training and do we have the supports in place to guide our Technicians on their journey towards Master Technician and beyond?
Do we have a robust onboarding process to ensure new Technicians are familiarised with our workshop, tools and methods of working?
Are we giving enough consideration to the changing requirements of candidates when it comes to work/life balance? e.g. introduction of split shifts, flexible start/finish times
How are we preparing for the oncoming influx in demand for specialist electric vehicle repair and maintenance issues?
The Motor Industry is going through a period of extensive technological change and at the heart of this change, must be our highly skilled and motivated Technicians. Dealers should be proud of the significant investment many of them have made in workshop facilities, training and development and should become more open and vocal when it comes to publicising what it means to come and join their business as an employee.

Dealers who embrace this approach, will find themselves in the enviable position of attracting and retaining the highest calibre Technicians within our industry.

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