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The Irish Motor Industry in numbers
New car sales
Jan-Nov 2016
Light commercial vehicle sales
Jan-Nov 2016
Heavy commercial vehicle sales
Jan-Nov 2016
National car sales performance
Jan-Nov 2016
Every county
Saw an increase in car sales
Top 10 selling car brands
Average increase in car sales. Jan-Nov 2016.
Compared to 2015
Contribution to the Exchequer
In motor related tax revenue
€1.4 billion
Up 26% on last year. As of Q3 2016
CO2 emissions
Average CO2 emissions have declined
Compared to 2008. As of Q3 2016.
Number of people working in automotive industry
Increase of 5,500 on 2013. As of Q3 2016.
Information sourced from the SIMI Quarterly Report,
With major economic indicators pointing to growth in 2017, uncertainty still remains regarding the potential impact of Brexit. With that in mind, is the prediction that vehicle sales are to remain at similar levels in 2017 a realistic one?
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