30th december 2015

Your new job in the Motor Industry is waiting but it will require some action

When the alarm clock went off this morning, did a wave of dread wash over you? Did your adrenal glands, probably already over-stimulated from coffee and the stresses of Christmas grab you by the throat and remind you that YOU HATE YOUR JOB?
Maybe it's your boss, who couldn't manage a 'lock-in' in a brewery. Are all of the ideas you bring to your working environment ignored or even worse, passed off as someone else's?
Whatever it is, the stress of working in a job you don't like is probably taking its toll on you emotionally and physically. If your job is causing you stress and eroding your self-esteem, leaving will preserve your health and well-being. Behavioural Psychologist Dan Ariely in his TED Talk tells us that it isn't just money that motivates us to work, but it isn't joy either, rather that is seems that most of us thrive by making constant progress and feeling a sense of purpose.

However, no matter how much we think of ourselves as dynamic and keen to try new things, the simple fact of the matter is that most of us would be open to the prospect of a move (most experts reckon 70% of us) but we find valid and fairly compelling reasons to talk ourselves out of it.
Why you stay in a job you hate
Firstly, there is the the financial worry. Moving from one role or dealership where you have an established customer base and a solid routine and rhythm of who will buy and when, means that you have got used to a reasonable living. The Motor Industry, especially in the area of sales, can be an exercise in budgeting when you can be awash with commission in the first part of the year and then have to make this stretch considerably further in May and June.

You might also worry that you won't have as much job security too. Sure, your boss might be difficult, but he certainly needs you and you aren't going to get fired any time soon. Why would you risk a new job where you might not like your new position or there might not be as much security? Well these are all practical thoughts, but why not be bold and let some emotion in? What would it look like to you, to be in a role where you swap this job security for job satisfaction? What about a business where you are encouraged to use your ideas rather than have them stifled?

While a candidate needs to sell him/herself to a prospective employer, the same goes for the dealership
Being deceptive
A real concern people express to us is that they feel like they are sneaking around on their employer by looking for a new role. Being 'deceptive' makes most people uncomfortable. As much as you might not like your current role, you might not like the idea of sneaking around either. The thing is, most recruiters, us included, understand that you have to be discreet — we wouldn't be in business very long if we couldn't. The thing is, even if someone were to discover that you were looking around, if your job is that unfulfilling are you really worried about the slim chance of being discovered? Of course there are some basic principles to follow. Sitting on StartMonday.ie on your office desktop might raise some red flags. But even sites like LinkedIn have privacy settings so you can go undetected. Most people have a smartphone these days so there is little need to cause too much alarm. Besides, we can't think of anyone who has actually been fired for looking around for a new job. If detected, you are more likely to open the conversation for some improvements.

Whether you are looking to rejoin the industry after a period of absence, are returning from abroad or in fact are looking to take that next career step in your current automotive career, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind at this time of year. And we are here to help.

Just because it's January, it doesn't mean dealers won't sit down and conduct interviews with candidates. Many of the more progressive dealers understand that you may not be able to join for at least a couple of months due to the time of the year, your notice period and/or current location, but they would still love to grab a coffee with you!

What you need to do
Make sure your CV is all-singing and all-dancing.
Devise a plan — have a think about your desired brand, salary expectations, preferred location. The more information we have means the greater the chance we have for helping you achieve your dream career move.
Don't move for the sake of it — if you have automotive experience, you are in a strong position when it comes to pursuing your move.
Bring on 2016! Now, it is over to you. Come and talk to us when you are ready.

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