Automotive opportunities beyond Brexit

Following the Brexit announcement, the British automotive industry has been singled out as potentially one of the most negatively impacted sectors. Across the water however, opportunities exist in a growing Irish automotive sector.
Following the decision to exit the EU, industry chiefs in the UK have been very vocal about the negative impact Brexit is likely to have on the automotive sector from an economic and employment perspective.
With job losses expected in Britain as a result, both at manufacturing and retail level and a negative downturn in consumer buying habits anticipated, senior automotive professionals are beginning to look for international opportunities which will protect their earnings and standard of living.
Ireland is set to become the last remaining English speaking country in the EU
With Ireland set to become the last remaining English speaking country in the EU, alongside its booming retail automotive sector, the country is uniquely positioned to provide an array of senior automotive employment opportunities for talented professionals currently based in the UK.
Interest in Ireland

There was almost an immediate response from concerned UK citizens and Irish expats after the Brexit result with many exploring the possibility of a move to Ireland.
There was also a significant upsurge in online searches in the UK for "move to Ireland."
Career opportunities closer to home
Traditionally, senior automotive candidates living in the UK have looked to the Middle East and Australia as potential parts of the world for relocation.
Strangely enough, one of their greatest sources of opportunity sits right on their doorstep.

Senior automotive professionals within the UK have already begun to contact us here in Start Monday to explore opportunities in a booming automotive retail sector and to request assistance when it comes to the logistics associated with such a move.
British-based candidates in high demand

Those candidates with international experience and most notably, with strong British experience, are particularly attractive to the brands and clients that we work with here in Ireland.

As a result, we have begun the process of putting senior executive automotive talent in touch with hiring managers right across the Irish automotive industry. In light of the Brexit vote, there is a narrow opportunity for British citizens to come and work in Ireland, without the requirement for a visa and the guarantee of having access to all the employment benefits currently enjoyed by citizens within the EU. In addition, there are huge opportunities for senior Irish expats seeking a return back home.
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Some of the brands we work with
Ireland: The fastest growing economy in Europe
Rapid economic growth
The Irish economy is bouncing back and grew by 8% last year, the highest rate in Europe and 5 times faster than the Eurozone average.
Cost of living
Dublin still ranks extremely well among capital cities in terms of rents, cost of services, price of hotels , clothes and restaurants.
Strong automotive sector
Car sales in Ireland have increased by 25% this year and employment within the sector grew by 12% in 2015. An addition 4,000 jobs are expected to be created this year.
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Simon Sheridan, Start Monday
Simon Sheridan, Director, Start Monday Ltd.
Simon Sheridan, Director

Simon leads our Executive Search function and specialises in the appointment of senior automotive professionals in the €100k+ salary range.

"Ireland is fast becoming a focal point for senior international automotive professionals looking to make their next career move. As Ireland's only dedicated automotive recruitment specialists, we are uniquely placed to confidentially match our candidates directly with hiring managers throughout the industry".

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