Living in Ireland

Friendly people, a beautiful countryside and a lively nightlife, make Ireland a great place to call home.
What you need to know.

Can I legally work in Ireland?
As an EU citizen, you are legally entitled to work in Ireland. If it is your first time to work in Ireland however, we can help you apply for a Personal Public Service Number (PPS Number) so you can start work immediately. You can find information about employment rights and conditions in Ireland such as minimum pay, leave and hours of work in the employment category on
How do I register for tax?
You will be entitled to certain income tax credits and reliefs. For example, tax relief is available for certain medical expenses. To find out more about taxes please contact your local Revenue office
What do I need to open a bank account in Ireland?
When you are opening a bank account in Ireland, you have to provide proof of your identity and of your address in Ireland.
What are the best sources for finding accommodation in Ireland?
If you are moving to Ireland and are considering renting or buying a property, the following websites will provides lots of useful information and available properties.
Is there a large Polish community in Ireland?
According to Ireland's 2011 census
Am I entitled to drive in Ireland?
Full driving licences from all other EU member states (and some other countries) are recognised for use in Ireland. It may be possible to convert your driving licence to an Irish one. Please see for further details. If you want to bring your car to Ireland you need to know about importing a car and implications for Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT). Further information is available on
I have children, can they access free education in Ireland?
If you are moving to Ireland with your family you can find information about education in Ireland on the Department of Education and Skills website Children are entitled to free education in publicly funded primary and second-level schools. There is a guide for parents to the Irish education system (pdf) that you may find useful.