Start Monday
Hire Technicians
Parter with us to source qualified Technicians for your dealership
Demand for Technicians in Ireland has never been higher. With a renewed focus on aftersales, a competitive environment and lack of trained Technicians, dealerships are struggling to meet service customer demand.
Start Monday has responded to this demand by partnering with dealerships to source qualified Technicians from abroad. Through this partnership approach, we have been successful in recruitment Technicians on behalf of franchise dealerships throughout Ireland.
How it works
Tell us what you need
We will have an initial meeting or phone call, whichever you prefer, to discuss your requirements. Do you need several Technicians urgently? Do you need a mix of skill levels?
We do the work
We will source the right candidates for you and provide verification of qualifications, translation of CVs and documentation, full candidate screening
Arrange interviews in Ireland
We will fly over candidates for interview where you will conduct a face-to-face meeting, show the Technicians around your workshop and put them through a practical test
Together, we will assist Technicians in their move to Ireland and provide them with a warm welcome...
How we can help you
A thorough process to help you hire qualified Technicians
Working with a local fluent speaker, we will provide a full translation of candidate's CVs, certifications and training.
We will carry out a full candidate screening to verify their background, experience, qualifications, training and skill level.
We will verify qualifications with the awarding body/college and training provider.
We conduct full references from the candidate's most recent employer and college lecturer.
English language
An official English language test to determine level of fluency.
Account Manager
Dedicated Account Manager on the ground to discuss any issues you may have.
Get in touch
We are happy to answer any questions you may have
Phone: 01 5719586

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