5th NOVEMBER, 2016
What are some innovative ways Car Sales Executives are using social media to sell?

In response to our recent article, "The 4 reasons Car Sales Executives tell us why they want to leave their job", we've had quite a bit of reaction from Dealer Principals and General Managers.
1. Volvo V40 toolkit for dealers
In 2013, for the launch of the Volvo V40, Volvo created a 'launch event toolkit' app which was distributed to Volvo's 5,000 dealers across 64 markets. The bespoke app provided dealers with sales information and supporting data to plan their own local launch events.
The Volvo V40 Launch Event Toolkit
According to the app creators; "The app collates customer insight, industry information and those all-important brand stories, alongside technical vehicle displays, letting dealers plan Launch Events and help customers be more informed when thinking about buying a new car."

83% of dealers used the app at least once a day, according to its creators.
2. General Motors' online scheduler
GM's online scheduler was created for customers to get information on and schedule vehicle repair and maintenance services online. Manufacturers have rolled out these

As noted by one Ford Executive, a manufacturer-led tool..

. One article quotes a Ford exec offering sound explanation for the reasons behind manufacturers supporting digital innovation for their branded dealers, stating:
"On the local dealer level, many dealers realise the importance of having a solid multi-channel Web experience and providing easy scheduling features...However, it isn't easy for a local dealer to put that together as their specialty is dealing with cars...Most dealers don't have sufficient scale to hire marketing, Web design, or UX personnel."

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