While the clients and candidates are anonymous in these examples, they should give you a sense of how we work here at Start Monday
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case study #1
General Manager
The Brief
Start Monday met with our client, an established franchise dealership and established a detailed set of requirements so as to build the ideal candidate profile for this key appointment. With a set of agreed clear objectives, we were able to use their industry expertise to help source the perfect candidate.
The Solution
Central to this appointment was the careful management of the sensitivities and confidentiality of this high profile appointment. Not only did Start Monday have to manage our client's expectations but we had to be cognisant of our candidate's career aspirations, their own personal contractual arrangements and had to ensure that this appointment met with the approval of the relevant vehicle distributor.
The Result
The successful management of multiple stakeholders in this process, the careful consideration of the confidentiality of the candidate and the setting of clearly defined objectives for the newly appointed General Manager, resulted in a successful appointment and a seamless transition for both client and candidate.
case study #2
Premium Sales Executive
The Brief
We were approached by a premium franchise dealership group based in Leinster who had a specific requirement for a senior Sales Executive who must have prior premium car sales experience and ideally was a returning expat who was exposed to best practice international sales techniques. The client had attempted to fill this role before with candidates from a non-automotive background and also had attempted to fill the role with candidates from their own existing network of contacts. Unfortunately on both occasions, the appointments failed to deliver.
The Solution
One of our key areas of focus over the last 12 months has been the establishment of relationships with members of the Irish expat community living abroad. One of our key sources for Irish automotive talent has been the Middle East.

Taking into consideration our client's need for a candidate with both premium and international experience, we travelled to the Middle East and met with a number of exciting candidates. Of that group, we ultimately assisted with the successful appointment of our client's new premium Sales Executive.
The Result
Not only did we satisfy our client requirements but we were also delighted to be able to facilitate the return home of an Irish candidate and his family to the location he is from and to provide him with the opportunity to establish a long term career for himself in his own home town. This appointment is something that we are particularly proud of.
case study #3
Digital Marketing Executive
The Brief
With the ever-changing landscape of marketing techniques and platforms, our distributor client recognised the need to introduce a new set of digital marketing skills into their business. Initially, we assisted our client to shape their organisational and reporting structures to allow this new appointment to add real value to the existing marketing team. The client's specific requirement was for a candidate with cutting edge digital marketing expertise but also somebody who had the presence to work closely with their existing dealer network.
The Solution
Having spent significant time with our client to really get to understand their business and how this role could impact not only on their brand's image but also on their bottom line, we went to work immediately to identify suitable candidates. We knew the ideal candidate must have a clear passion for the motor industry, an understanding of the strategic value that a role like this may have for a distributor and someone who was a digital marketing subject matter expert.

As part of the interview process, we provided our client with the tools to build a technical presentation scenario so as to allow our candidates highlight their key skills in this area.

On the basis of these findings, in addition to a normal competency based interview structure, our client soon identified the ideal candidate.
The Result
Our client has established themselves as a critical member of the distributor's marketing function and is now a key point of contact for the retail network when it comes to the development of innovative campaigns at both national and local level. Our client has seen a dramatic increase in traffic to their own dedicated brand website and the retail network has reported a significant uplift in the amount of online queries and sales conversion which are a direct result of the candidate's highly targeted campaigns.
case study #4
Service Manager
The Brief
We were approached by an existing client who came to us looking to appoint an experienced Service Manager to help launch their brand new dealership. This was a key appointment for our client and much of the future success of this new venture would lie in the hands of the new Service Manager.

Central to our client's requirements, was the need for a strong character who would not shy away from delivering changes to the business and a need for a Service Manager who could not only develop relationships among the Technicians but also someone who had the confidence and ability to present financial performance data at board level.
The Solution
Arguably, one of our strongest areas of expertise is aftersales. We fully understand the need to have a strong Service Manaer who can drive efficiency and productivity levels within the workshop, can seamlessly work with the Service team, ensuring work is loaded in an efficient manner and is a technical expert when it comes to the specific brand in question. We immediately identified candidates who originally worked as Senior Technicians during an earlier phase of their career, who went on to become Service Managers with a detailed product knowledge, a thorough understanding of the financial contribution of the Service Department and the ability to motivate a team of highly trained Technicians.
The Result
We provided our client with a scenario-based interview process, focusing on how a newly appointed Service Manager could improve both efficiency and productivity by a further 10% above existing levels within a 6 month period. The interview process was driven by both the Dealer Principal and Head of Aftersales and resulted in a clear outcome as to who the preferred candidate was.

This Service Manager is now fully embedded in their new role, has helped introduced a culture of high performance in the workshop and is seen by the distributor partner as a real rising star within the network.
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