17th NOVEMBER, 2016
Automotive Sales Executives, here's what Dealer Principals want to see on your CV
Last week, we published the Ultimate Automotive Sales Executive CV template, free for candidates to download and had a really positive response from Sales Executives who previously were unsure what to include in their CV.
Not rocket science; just a concise and well-presented template to show off your skills.
Compelling introduction
The first words your new Dealer Principal will read. Include key sales performance stats coupled with your contribution to the overall success of the dealership/brand. Keep it short and sweet.
Key sales performance data
While it's tempting to include just stand-out sales performance stats or awards, being a highly target-driven role, this will be the area your future Dealer Principal will definitely read and will help you stand out from the rest. Take the time to extract the KPI data set out.
Don't be shy
You're a Sales Executive with noteworthy successes; highlight these. Also include any awards you received, specific CS rankings, in-house and external training and a pattern of promotion or increased responsibility.
Compiled with Hiring Managers in mind
We've reviewed hundreds of Sales Executive CVs over the past number of years and have therefore developed a sense of what a really good CV looks like.

Working closely with Dealer Principals and General Managers, we have come up with what we believe is the ultimate Automotive Sales Executive CV template.

We hope that this template will not only take the hassle away from drafting a CV but will also allow you to highlight your unique career achievements.

We hope you find it helpful.
Download CV template

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