27th april 2016

Our Middle East experience

We travelled to the Middle East to meet with Irish expats working in the automotive sector in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
Here's a short video about our journey to the Middle East:
I had no idea how many expats were living in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi and just how many are keen to make the return home to Ireland.

While there are huge attractions in living somewhere like the Middle East, particularly the weather and tax-free salary, home will always be home and every single candidate I met said that irrespective of the money they are earning in the Middle East, both they and their families would love to be working back in Ireland.

While many candidates heard through friends and colleagues back home that things were changing for the better in Ireland, they didn't quite believe it. This sense of disbelief is perfectly understandable as many of these candidates left our shores during periods of economic hardship.

We in Start Monday have been reinvigorated at the prospect of introducing new blood and life into the Irish Motor Industry. Being afforded the opportunity to travel to the Middle East to espouse the benefits of working in our industry is something we are immensely proud of. Flying the flag for our industry and country is something we will continue to do throughout the world.

We intend to press on and ensure that the image and brand of the Irish Motor Industry is presented in an incredibly positive fashion and in doing so, make sure that the Industry can attract a range of skilled automotive professionals from within the global Irish expat community.

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