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23rd July, 2016

8 incredible gadgets for the luxury car

While many of us are used to a built-in sat-nav and metallic paint as optional extras, here are 8 of the most luxurious car accessories available today.
From a high-end Bentley picnic basket to an SUV made specifically for shooting pursuits around the English countryside, here are eight of some of the most luxurious car gadgets available.
1. Jaguar F-PACE activity key
A waterproof wristband that acts as the car's secondary key fob. The wearer locks and unlocks the car by tapping the "J" on the Jaguar tailgate logo
2. Bentley luxury picnic hamper
The Bentley Bentayga SUV includes a luxury picnic hamper which you can customise with your name, logo or family crest.
3. Rolls-Royce cigar humidor
An optional extra on your Rolls Phantom, a cigar humidor comes built into the dashboard glove box. To properly protect the tobacco and wrapper, the humidor is lined with wood.
4. Bang & Olufsen speakers for Audi
Upgrade your sound system with speakers that rise up from your Audi's dashboard upon a motorised command.
5. Rolls Royce umbrella
Forget rummaging around your boot when it starts to pour. Fitted as standard, these umbrellas deploy at the push of a button. It's likely you'd be a bit more careful about leaving this umbrella behind in the pub...
6. Holland & Holland Range Rover for shooting enthusiasts
Spot of shooting anyone? The most expensive Range Rover ever produced is a limited edition SUV designed in conjunction with luxury gun maker Holland & Holland.
7. Limited edition Bentley Bentayga Fly Fishing kit
This linen-stitched leather-trimmed cargo will hold your fishing tackle and refreshments and a walnut drawer will hold your tools.
8. Rolls Royce starlight headliner
Adjustable to suit your mood, 1,600 fibre optic lights will create a starry effect when you're cruising around in your €300k Rolls Royce Phantom.
I think we'll do the lotto this weekend...
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