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6 things you should be aware of before sending your CV
As recruiters, we come across a lot of CVs. Although writing your own CV can be a real pain, unfortunately it remains the preferred method when it comes to applying for jobs.
Here are
6 things you should be aware of before sending your CV

1. LinkedIn Profile Photo
When applying for any role, please be aware that prospective employers will conduct a search of LinkedIn to gain an understanding of a candidate's professional background. We have come across excellent profiles but unfortunately, on occasion, profile photos have not done the candidate justice. (Some of the photos have included candidates in their favourite football jersey or at social events with a drink in their hand.)
2. Your Leaving Cert. results
We have come across CVs of Senior Managers with their Leaving Cert results included, subject by subject. Unless you are just out of school or results have been requested by the employer, it is not necessary to include. I know you might be very proud of that B2 you get in Honours Geography… but this is a case of overkill.
3. Vagueness
Sometimes when your CV is requested, it's tempting to rush in and jot down some generic statements about your position and tasks completed. If possible, take the time to mention specific projects completed, achievements reached and how they are relevant to the role in question.
4. Lies
Perhaps you worked on a team as a Junior Administrator but put in so much effort, hard work and contributed the best ideas that you were essentially running the project. You were managing the whole project, not by name, but you carried out the same duties as a typical Manager would. While this may have been the case, including 'Project Manager' on your CV, when it wasn't your actual title, will only come back to bite you. Your contribution should come across both in your description at interview stage and through positive references.
5. Spelling
An obvious one, but a crucial one. In addition to ensuring that your CV has been fully checked for spelling and grammatical errors, ensure that when you're replying to an email from a recruiter/employer, triple check for spelling mistakes. Most importantly, get the recipient's name right. It gives an immediate negative impression of poor attention to detail.
6. Inspirational Quotes
There's nothing worse than opening a candidate's CV and seeing a quote from Muhammad Ali, Richard Branson or Gandhi. While it is great to have sources of inspiration in your career, you might be best keeping them on your screensaver.

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